Set it on the ground and keep it mobile if you move. Most affordable option.

Partial in-ground INSTALLATION

Determine the depth of installation.
Great budget compromise.

full in-ground installation

Install fully in-ground for a traditional
pool aesthetic. Costliest alternative.

Container Pools

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Shipping container architecture is a sustainable form of building swimming pools because it focuses on recycling, or upcycling used shipping containers. By integrating these recycled steel structures, the swimming pool is stronger than a conventional concrete pool and there is less demand for concrete, brick, wood, and other building materials. 

Engineered To Last

Exclusive 8 Layer Wall Design

Created with a modular structural steel system, each Aquabox boasts five times the amount of steel as a typical inground pool. The steel heavy 8 layer design withstands settling and shifting much better than concrete pools.

The factory controlled environment delivers the superior craftsmanship we demand of our building team. Each pool is handcrafted and tested to our exacting quality standards.

modular building system

Choose Your Pool Size

AquaBox combines the iconic modern swimming pool shape with steel construction and hand-crafted industrial design.

8×20 container pool

This is a standard 8×20 shipping container designed as a pool.

8×40 container pool

This is a standard 8×40 shipping container designed as a pool.

16×20 container pool

This is (2) standard 8×20 shipping containers combined for a pool.

16×40 container pool

This is (2) standard 8×40 shipping containers combined for a pool.

BuiltStrong To Last

Made from steel, each pool in our line features over 300 hand welds and alludes to a time when things were built to last. AquaBox places emphasis on essential appeal, practicality, clean-cut lines with a design free of any superfluous decorations.

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